Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another Cake

This evening I received a call, asking if I knew how to do a Dr. Suess themed cake. I checked to see if they had any Dr. Suess character cake pans, but they did not have anything. Then I started looking for graphics I could find online. I actually found instructions for making cakes that looked like The Cat in the Hat's hat, but they both have issues. This cake is for my niece's birthday party, and there are likely to be a lot of kids there, along with their parents, so I am looking at making a fairly good sized cake--probably a sheet cake of some kind. One of the ones starts with a 13 x 9 inch cake and then cutting it to the shape of the hat. I could probably do that with a sheet cake too, but I am not sure I want to. The other cake involves stacking four layers and making it look like the hat. That would be cool, but I would have to transport it in pieces and assemble it on site.

So back to the graphics. When I took Course I, I learned how to do pattern transfers. What you do is put the picture under parchment paper, make an outline on the paper using piping gel, than flip the parchment paper onto the cake piping gel side down. Then you go over it on the outlines on the cake and fill it in. I have found one image so far that seems reasonable, but maybe I will see about coloring books this weekend or see about getting a copy of one of the books.

Hmm..maybe this is what I will do for my friend Tim's dragon cake later this year.

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