Thursday, June 19, 2008

Through the Looking Glass

Because I knit my cabled afghan on smaller needles with a worsted weight yarn, I knew I would have to do more strips to make it wide enough. Inspired by Anna Dalvi's Burridge Lake Afghan, I decided to do the other half as a mirror image:

Cables from left to right: Braid Cable, Hollow Oak Cable, Six Stitch Cable, Triple Twist Cable, Four Stitch Wave Cable, Celtic Cable, and XOXO Cable.

The XOXO Cable and Hollow Oak Cable are perfectly symmetrical, so I did not need to do anything to those. To get the Braid and Four Stitch Wave cables, I started on another row (I think it was row 5). For the Triple Twist Cable, Celtic Cable and Six Stitch Cable, I just reversed the crossings (ie if the original called for a back cross, I substituted a front cross, etc.)

The afghan is mostly done, but somewhere along the line I made an error in the Six Stitch Cable I did for the other side, so I decided to redo it.

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smariek said...

Ok, it's definitely a sign that I've been browsing through stitch dictionaries way too much because I could identify those cable panels before I read your description of each. lol. Your afghan is beautiful, I can imagine how long this takes to knit.