Sunday, September 6, 2009

Celtic Knot Stole Pics

Here are some pictures of the finished Celtic Knot Stole.

I think it turned out very well, especially considering it is only my second serious lace knitting project. And while I feel like I am still a novice lace knitter, one of the judges at KC Irish Fest told me I should not call myself a novice lace knitter, because I would be setting the bar too high. Speaking of Irish Fest, I did enter the stole. There were some very high caliber entries, including a circular shawl that they actually put through a wedding ring. Not being a serious lace knitter, I am not entirely sure of the significance of that, but I know it is important. Upon hearing that they did that, it was no surprise that it won first price in the wearable item category. In all likelihood, it will win the grand prize.

I will be entering the Once Upon a Time Blanket today. Mary was kind enough to bring it to town so I could enter it, and I will be heading out to Kansas City in the next hour or so.

This may be the last year I enter anything in the knitting contest at Irish Fest but not because I did not do well. The same judge who told me I should not say I was a novice lace knitter expressed an interest in having me be a judge next year because I clearly knew what I was doing. Additionally, now that I have paid off the student loans, I want to start attending Scifi/Gaming conventions again, and Dragon Con in Atlanta is usually held at the same time as Irish Fest.


Leslie said...

I am so glad you finished your stole in time to enter in the KC Irish Festival. Good on ya!

As to a wedding ring shawl, indeed hard to beat. Great company for you, altho, I think the spinner not the knitter deserves the praise..

Zandra said...

Thanks. I do not know if the winner spun her stuff or not. However, working with stuff that thin is definitely not my cup of tea.