Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

This is the third year I am posting something on New Year's Day, and I feel that it has become something of tradition.  Last year I reflected on how crazy a year 2009 had been and hoped that 2010 would be a better year.  In some ways it was.  I recovered from Pancreatitis.  I traveled to California to visit a friend twice.  I also was accepted into the Certified Public Managers program which is through the University of Kansas.

There were some bad things too.  A friend from school died in March.  She had a cardiac incident in 2006 that left her severely brain damaged.  Eventually she became ill and finally succumbed to the illness.  We were not close friends, but she was still a friend.  Even though she passed away in March, the funeral was not until April 24, 2010, but I suspect that was to give adequate time to make arrangements, allow people to attend, etc.

In April I learned that a close friend had attempted suicide.  In July she succeeded.  We had been friends for a very long time, but I know I lost her a long time ago.  I hope that she is at peace now.

Even with the bad things, 2010 was a better year than 2009.  

That being said, I make the same resolutions I did a year ago: to keep enjoying life, to trust my instincts, and to put myself first more often.  This last one is particularly important.  I cannot help others if I do not take care of myself.  This is one of the lessons I took from being ill with pancreatitis.  Trying to help people who do not want my help is counterproductive and it prevents me from helping those who do want my help.  The trick is realizing when people do not really need and/or want my help.  This one is a bit tougher for me, but I do feel like I am making progress on this.

Happy New Years everyone!  May 2011 be a good year!

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