Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Works in Progress

Now that the weather has been colder, I have been putting more effort into the two afghans I have been working on. I finished the sixth strip of the cabled throw and seamed the next three strips together.

The original pattern called for a bulkier yarn on bigger needles, but I wanted to use the Red Heart Dusty Teal I had. I think I will need to either repeat most, if not all of the panels, or add a bunch of different ones.

Last Wednesday I left my size eight needles at Hastings where I go for knitting group. Fortunately, my favorite barrista found them and took them home, so I will get them back tomorrow.

In the meantime I have returned my attention to the Plaid Afghan. So far I have two and a half pattern repeats of the second strip done, and I am thinking I can finish the third pattern repeat this evening.

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