Monday, December 31, 2007


The stocking is done!

Sunday I finished the foot and toe. Then began the task of weaving in the ends. I continued weaving in ends today, and then did the hanging loop. Having looked at the other stocking she provided me with, I decided to pick up 3 stitches and cast on another 3. I tried doing an I-Cord, but it did not look right. So I started over, picking up three stitches. Then I turned it around and picked up another three stitches, one in between each of the other stitches I had already picked up. This worked much better for making the I-Cord loop. Once I had a decent length, I grafted it back to the edge of the stocking, going through the front and back loops (1 and 6 together, 2 and 5 together, 3 and 4 together).

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CathyG said...

looks good, nice job!