Saturday, December 27, 2008

Peanut's Blanket--Swatching Part 1

My friend Mary is expecting her first child in February. The baby looked like a peanut on the first sonogram, and the name stuck. Peanut will be getting another name once he is born, but until then, he is referred to as Peanut.

I have also had an urge to go back to designing stuff, so I decided to design a blanket for her. Barbara Walker's Second Treasury of Knitting Patterns has a couple of motifs that I will be using, and I am currently working on a swatch of a pattern from Walker's Third Treasury.

I will be using Bernat Satin for the actual blanket, but I am using Caron Simply Soft for my swatch. I know, I should use the same yarn, but oh well. Both yarns are the same weight, and both claim to have the same gauge. And frankly, swatches have been known to lie.

So far the current swatch measures 9 inches across, not including the garter stitch border. The motif starts with 40 stitches and increases to 48 then decreases back down to 40. The other two motifs require 50 and 54 stitches, so using three of this particular motif will work out nicely.

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