Monday, May 11, 2009

Lynn's Cake

My friend Lynn recently purchased a house with her fiancee, and they had their housewarming a few days after their respective birthdays. Lynn had asked me about doing the cake, and since she helped me move into my house, I was more than happy to do so. She indicated she wanted a My Little Pony cake. As she talked about it more, she said she wanted either Pinkie Pie or Rainbow Dash.

Well, I found a decent picture of Rainbow Dash, so I opted for that.

It is white cake with vanilla frosting.

Now to start thinking about Kim's graduation cake. She is getting her Associates in Mortuary Science.


smariek said...

Are you opening a cake shop soon? :-)

Wondering what you will come up with for a Mortuary Science cake.

Leslie said...

Now the cake for the graduation is the one I really want to see..

Lovely little pony, BTW...

Zandra said...

I doubt I will open a shop any time soon. I largely do this for fun. Thanks though :)

I am feeling a bit superstitious about doing a theme cake for Kim's graduation cake. However, she wants a divorce cake too, and I feel I can be a bit more creative with that one.