Sunday, April 26, 2009


I don't know what it is, but lately I just have not felt like knitting much. I even procrastinated on this blog post--I started thinking about a few weeks ago. I mentioned this to my friend Brian, and told him that I could envision my dad bursting into song and him (Brian) coming up with some pun. He told me I was an amateur crastinator until I got paid for it.

I started working on the Celtic Knot Stole by Sarah Kendra Hughes on February 13, 2009. I am not an accomplished lace knitter, so it has been slow to progress. If I am lucky I can get 3 or 4 rows done in an hour.

It is also not a good project to work on at the pub. Yes, I have knit complicated stuff at the pub before, and I have worked on this there before. I did finish up a couple pairs of socks during this time, but one those it was just a matter of weaving in the ends. I also managed to make another pair of Maine Morning Mitts for my friend Sharon.

Socks in Regia with peasant heel:

Socks in Lane Cervinia with sturdy heel:

Sharon's second pair of fingerless mitts:


Leslie said...

Love the lace shawl. I would need to knit on it only in the daylight, or would definitely have issues. LOL.

You have been missed by me anyhoo.

smariek said...

You sure are churning out a lot of finished objects for someone who is not knitting a whole lot. Good start on the stole, it will look wonderful when you finish it. I haven't done much lace lately as it requires too much concentration and focused time I don't have right now.

Did you know that Elann is selling Regia 4Ply for $3.98/ball right now? Not a lot of fun colors, they're mostly drab manly colors, but it's still a good bargain if you're looking for more sock yarn.

Zandra said...

Thanks to both of you :)

On the socks with the peasant heel all I pretty much needed to do was weave in the ends. The fingerless mitts were mindless knitting I could do during a day's worth of continuing legal education (I am multi-tasker, so I cannot sit still through more than about an hour of that without something else to do).

Believe it or not, most evenings I go home and I log into facebook to play games and talk with friends.