Saturday, June 6, 2009

Picking Up Speed

Since the designer of the Celtic Knot Stole has a full Excel chart available on her blog, I broke it into pattern repeat sections and told Excel to print each section on one page. So now instead of having to switch back and forth between charts on different pieces of paper, I have one sheet of paper and can go across the row without having to look at different charts. It has made a noticeable difference and I can now get anywhere from 4 to 6 rows done within 20 to 30 minutes.

I have not knitting that much these days--usually only on my lunch breaks at work or when I go to knitting group. Most evenings I spend online playing games and talking to friends (you know who you are). However, the Kansas City Irish Fest has announced that this year the knitting competition will be lace projects. This has actually motivated me to work on the stole more as I am determined to enter it in this year's competition on September 5.

I have actually made some progress since taking these photos. I even knit at the pub last night. One guy saw me get out my knitting and made a comment about how I was knitting too (my friend Brigette knits at the pub and had arrived before I did). I informed him that I am the original O'Dooley's Knitter.


Leslie said...

That's going to be awesome. Good luck at the Irish Festival. I wish ours did something like that.

Zandra said...

Thanks! I really should spend more time working on it instead of being on facebok.

Zandra said...

And clearly I couldn't type when I posted that from my iPod Touch.

smariek said...

You're knitting lace at the pub? I don't think I could concentrate on lace there. Good luck with the competition!

Zandra said...

Yes, I have been knitting lace at the pub. Here is to hoping more beer does not get spilled on it (there was a scuffle and someone ran into the table I was at--beer was spilled into my knitting bag). Besides, this way I can tell them part of it was knit at an Irish pub.