Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another New Project

A while back I got in contact with a woman who wanted a stocking made for a new member of the family. It has been tradition to do a stocking for each family member, but she does not knit, and all she had was a chart for the cat.

With both of us being busy, and the weather not being terribly cooperative, I did manage to get the chart and a finished stocking this week. She had sent me pictures of another stocking, so I had already tried reconstructing the chart from that, but having the actual chart was better. However, I still did the chart on my computer.

For the actual stocking, I just took a basic stocking pattern I had and modified it so it would match the finished one she provided. The one she provided appears to have been worked back and forth so the person could do intarsia, but I am knitting in the round, carrying the other yarns around. I find this makes the stocking a little sturdier.

I started Thursday night and got this far:

Friday I made some progress:

Today so far:

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