Saturday, February 7, 2009

Peanut's Blanket--Knitting Part 2

By January 22, 2009 I had finished the first panel of trees and a section of reverse stockinette. I had not had much time to work on it, and I was still tinkering with the design a bit before starting the next section.

January 30, 2009--I really did not like how I finished the window and door on Enchanted Cottage swatch, so I used a reversible cabling technique to bring the cabling to a point. I like the finished result much better.

I finished the Enchanted Cottage motif on February 6, 2009 and continued working on the Gingerbread Castle. I am knitting from the instructions I typed up, which has enabled me to edit the pattern as I go along.

This morning I discovered I left out a row on the instructions for the Gingerbread Castle motif, so I had to refer to the book I got the pattern from. I also made some slight modifications to the flag flying over the castle. I managed to finish the Gingerbread Castle motif and another section of reverse stockinette. Now I am working on the final section of trees.

After Rich called the trees spooky, I asked a number of my friends if they thought they were spooky, and they do not. Rich has also decided they are not spooky.


Awesome Mom said...

The blanket is really coming along and looking great!

Zandra said...


smariek said...

That's looking very nice!

Zandra said...

Thanks! I hope to have it done in a few more days.