Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kung Fu Panda

This year my niece wanted a Kung Fu Panda themed cake. I have found that pattern transfer works pretty well for most cakes, especially if I use a black gel on the parchment paper instead of the piping gel I was taught to use. I have not had good luck with the piping gel transfering over, especially if the icing is not setting up due to high humidity. Besides, using the black gel skips a step--at least that way I do not have to go outline it with the black gel.

I backed a white cake on Thursday evening and then iced it Friday morning before going to work. I had previously printed out an coloring page from the Kung Fu Panda website. I printed out two versions--one the way it was on the site, and the other was a mirror image. I finally decided which way I wanted the picture to appear on the cake, and I ended up tracing the mirror image one on to the parchment paper. Since the parchment paper gets flipped over, it then looked like it did on the original one I printed out.

I made all the icing except for the black icing. Black icing is difficult to make, and it is just easier to go buy a tube of Wilton black icing. I pulled up the Kung Fu Panda website so I could color Po in the way he is supposed to be. I think I did not have his outfit beige enough, but it still worked.


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That's way better than what I could ever do. So ... when are you opening up your new cake shop ?